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PDAT 120 - PechaKucha Project: Getting Started: Outline and Script


Basic Procedures

  1. preSearch Your Topic for Books, Articles, and Websites
  2. Develop An Outline
  3. More Research
  4. Write Your Script
  5. Locate Appropriate Images
  6. Use Spreadsheet (Cue Sheet) to Coordinate Your Script and Images
  7. Setup Your Powerpoint Slides & Timing
  8. Add Your Images
  9. Prepare your bibliography in MLA format

Questions to Ask Yourself

HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT EACH POINT? - need a minimum of 20 secs. per. point - Flesh Out your Script before You Assign Images

HOW MANY SLIDES per POINT? -  remember each slide is 20 sec. so you need to fill time with your script.  But, also, this means if you have a lot to say about a topic point you can plan on multiple slides for 1 point  (ex. you have a lot to say about "Benefits of LED lighting for stage and your script for that point runs 60 seconds, you can use 3 images. (60 sec. script = 3 images)

YOUR IMAGES SHOULD BE RELATED TO YOUR POINT - BUT ... do not always need to be a "picture" of what you're saying

Script - Cue-Sheet

Creating Your Oulline - incl. Sample

PECHA KUCHA ASSIGNMENT - This should be a fun and interesting assignment but some pre-planning is necessary. Below are a few STRONGLY suggested ways to approach this work along with appropriate examples that may inspire your project.

YOUR TOPIC SCOPE - Extremely Important!

  • SELECT A BROAD TOPIC that has detail, but also an opportunity to express your opinions and illustrate your point in practice (i.e. images from productions, work spaces, designers you admire, etc.).

START WITH AN OUTLINE:  What Will Be Your Main Points?  What will be your sub-pointsFor

Example:  Topic: Use of LED Lighting In Theatrical Design

I. Introduction

What are Light Emitting Diodes?

Common uses in everyday life  (non-stage)

 II. Why use LED Lighting for the Stage?



 III. LED Lighting Instruments/fixtures

PAR Cans


Moving Head Instruments

IV. Color Mixing

Additive Color Mixing

The Selador x7 Color System™ by ETC

V. Outstanding Production Examples (describe effect produced, incl. production info)

Prod #1

Prod #2

etc.  ...