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AUNY - Literacy: Interlibrary Loan

This library guide will help you find resources to support your studies in your pursuit of your Master's of Science in Education in Literacy through AUNY.

Using Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a service that lets you obtain materials not available at Herrick Library. Requests are submitted through our interlibrary loan system, ILLiad

Students in Off-Campus Programs may use ILLiad to request the following:

  • Journal articles not available through Herrick Library
  • Journal articles available only in print in Herrick Library (we will scan the article and send it to you)
  • Individual chapters from books available only in print in Herrick Library (we cannot scan the entire book and we do not currently ship books to students in off-campus programs)

After receiving your request, we will scan the item or, if we don't own it, request an electronic copy from another library. When the item is available, you will receive an email notice with instructions for how to log into ILLiad and access the item.

Items available in Herrick Library take an average of two business days (not including the weekend). Articles obtained from other libraries take an average of four days.

The first time you use ILLiad, you must reigster. Login in here with your Alfred University username and password to start the registration process. On the form, where it asks for your Status, please indicate that you are a student in an Off-Campus Program.

Note that in most cases you can link directly from a citation in a library database to the interlibrary loan form, without having to retype the citation information.

Video - Requesting Materials from other Institutions