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PDAT 120 Technical Theatre: Websites



When you use library resources, you can generally assume that they have been evaluated and pre-selected for your use.

When using a website, you need to evaluate it yourself, to determine whether it is a trustworthy and accurate source.

Website Evaluation Criteria


  • When was the content produced or written?
  • For online content, when was it last updated?
  • Does the research question require that you gather current, up-to-date information?


  • Does this resource help to answer your research question?
  • How does this resource add to your knowledge about the topic?
  • Might there be a better, more relevant resource?


  • Who wrote it?
  • What makes the person an authority on the topic?
  • What are the author’s credentials?


  • Does the content seem too incredible to be true? Does it include claims that seem sensational or designed purely to grab your attention?
  • Does the information appear to have been put together with care (for example, without spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, broken links, etc.)?
  • Does the author provide any documentation/sources to support his/her claims?
  • Could this be satire, a hoax, or “fake news”?


  • Why was the information published?
  • Does the author present facts or opinions, or a mixture of the two?
  • Is the purpose to inform the reader, to sell something, or some combination?
  • Is there advertising on the site? Does the site require you to register and/or share personal information?