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Writing / Research: Research Help

Quick Guide to Resources

Use Primo to do a basic search for just about anything: articles, books, conference proceedings, theses, and more.

Use the Journal Search tool to find a journal by its title or ISSN.

Use the Databases A-Z tool to go to a specific database. Searching within a database will give you a more focused search than using Primo but your results will be limited to resources within that specific database.

Each database is different and covers different resource types. To learn more about a database or find the right one for you, talk to a librarian.

Writing Resources

Library Research and Use

This guide will provide you with information about resources available through Herrick Library to help support learning, teaching, and writing research.

Your area of study has an assigned Librarian that provides a number of services including:

  • Information literacy and library instruction tutorials
  • Resource instruction
  • Research support
  • Contact for book and journal recommendations

See who your librarian is here: Library Liaison List.

How to Use This Guide

  • Research Questions and Literature- Your instructor may have you do research for a paper in your courses. As you begin your research you will need to select a research question and possibly start a literature review. These resources will help you get started.
  • Accessing Library Resources - You will find many helpful tools for research in the library. Use this tab to get started searching our library catalog, our databases, and our academic journals!
  • Selecting and Evaluating Resources - In your research you will find a variety of different types of information resources. Use the links and videos on this tab to find out more about scholarly resources and popular resources, peer reviewed resources, and how to critically evaluate ALL resources.
  • Citation Help - In your courses and throughout your academic career you will need to cite your sources. Citing sources shows where you found your research, gives you credibility, and gives credit to the scholars that did the research you are using. This page will provide videos and links to help you construct appropriate citations for your papers.