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Zines: Zines at AU Libraries

Guide to finding, using, and making zines in the Alfred University Libraries and beyond.

What are zines?

Zines (pronounced "zeens") are do-it-yourself hand or digitally made magaZINEs that are created by individuals or groups of people. They are typically small circulation publications that use original or appropriated text and image. 

Zines originated from science fiction fanzines as early as 1930. They became popular in the 50s and 60s as underground publications alongside pamphlets to address social issues and underground culture. In the 1970s-80s zines were heavily associated with punk and queer culture. In the 90s zines were an important part of the Riot Grrrrl movement and became a vehicle for feminist messaging. 

Currently, zines are used by artists, punks, queer folks, BIPOC, and many other communities to share their perspectives and experiences and build community.

Find a zine!

You can find zines at AU Libraries by going to Scholes and browsing the Zine Collection on the main floor.


You can search for zines in our collection in the catalog by running a search, then filtering the search results by Location: Scholes Library - Zine Collection.

Donate your zine!

AU Libraries collect zines made in the area. If you made one for class or for fun, you can donate it!

All you have to do is provide two copies of the zine and fill out this form. You can give the form and the zines to any librarian. 

Zine Collection at AU Libraries

AU Libraries' Zine Collection has two locations:

  • Circulating collection on the main floor of Scholes Library.
  • Non-circulating collection in Special Collections at Scholes Library.

AU Libraries’ Zine Collection is a collection of zines that supports the academics and interests of the student body. Core to the AU Zine Development Policy is providing access to works by creators often underrepresented or excluded from academic library collections.

We try to collect two copies of each zine. One will go in the circulating collection on the main floor of Scholes, while the other copy will go into Special Collections to be preserved for long term availability.

Have a zine recommendation? Email Kevin Adams!

Make a zine!

Zine Example

Digital Collections

AU Libraries does not collect digital zines. But there are many great repositories out there! Check them out below.