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Engineering: Research Data Management

Data Services @ Scholes

Managing research data can be complicated, let the library lend a hand!

The following are the areas in which consultations and instruction is available.

Topics to Consider: 

  • Before Your Research
    • Data Management Plan consultation
    • Federal Funding Requirements
    • Documentation, copyright, and University policies
  • During Your Research
    • ​Inventory, Storage, and Backup 
    • Data use and citation
    • Documentation tools and Metadata
  • After Your Research
    • ​Disciplinary Repositories
    • Sharing Data
    • Preservation

What is a Data Management Plan?

A data management plan (DMP) helps researchers work with, manage, share and archive their data effectively.  A DMP typically describes:

  • What data will be produced as a part of the project
  • How each type of data will be organized, documented, standardized, stored, protected, shared and archived
  • Who will take responsibility for carrying out the activities listed above, and
  • When these activities will take place over the course of the project (and beyond) 

Writing a Data Management Plan

Why do you need a data management plan?

  • Many funding agencies require data management plans to ensure future access to grant supported research data.
  • Ensure that your data will be accessible and usable in the future.
  • Create and maintain a permanent archive of the data that supports your research findings.
  • Provide enhanced access to your publications. 

What is in a data management plan?

  • Description of types of data, samples, and physical collections you will be creating.
  • Standards you will use for your data and the metadata that will describe it.
  • Policies for sharing, accessing, and re-using your data.
  • Methods for archiving and preserving your data.

The DMP Tool is a service built to help researchers create a data management plan according to your needs and based on agency guidelines. You can currently create an account and use the tool.

Federal Funding Requirements