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Course Reserves

Course reserves are materials that instructors have asked the library to make available for their students.

Putting items on reserve

Books and other materials from the Alfred University Libraries which will be used in a course can be placed on reserve for the semester. Requests to move circulating library materials to reserves should be emailed to Please provide the title, author, and edition (if applicable) of book(s) being requested. If multiple editions of a book are acceptable, please include that information; the library-owned copy may not be the most recent edition, but it may still be useful for students. Please also indicate the course name(s) and number(s) the materials are being used for.

Instructors can also bring materials to the libraries to be put on reserve. The libraries will facilitate the lending of these items in order to make them available to more students. 

Copyright law and course reserves

In providing reserve materials to Alfred University students, the libraries are bound by copyright law. If you have questions about copyright law as it relates to course reserves, contact Brian Sullivan at 607-871-2268 or

Copyright law forbids redistribution of scanned course materials unless permission from the copyright holder has been obtained, the work is out of copyright, or a careful fair use analysis has been undertaken. Faculty members are personally responsible under University policy for respecting copyright, including their delivery of materials to students through course reserves.